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Help! Electrical issue, No Hazards or left turn signal???

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Alright, after a day of wiring hell with my trailer and now my MJ I'm calling it a day and asking for assitance. lol. Ok Well my truck has lost its hazard lights and the left turn signals do not work, However the right side operates normally. Below is a list of what ive done so far.


Replaced and cleaned ground behind LR tail light

New Hazard lamp fuse

Replaced Hazard flasher relay

completly uninstalled my trailer harness plug off the main harness


When my hazard switch is turned on with my key on or off when i hit my brakes all the 4 ways, light up including the indicators on the dash but they will not flash when the brakes are relased. The left turn signal will no do anything but the right side operates normally. The brake lights function correctly with the hazard switch is off. :hmm:


Thats about the sum of it, and it it matters the 4 ways were on and working when they failed, i replaced the fuse that had blown and this problem arose. ill try to give better details if needed but thats about it, thanks for any help!

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The flasher's go thru the brake switch, that's why your flashers stop, when you apply the brakes.


See if this helps you at all........



I seam to remember something about wiring a trailer into the Jeep system, there something about the way the lights are setup, that are not the same as some trailer wiring :hmm:


Maybe someone else can clear this up???


If you disconnect the trailer harness, then all should work as it has before........unless, you took out another fuse???


Also, the brake / 4 ways should work with the ignition switch off, a hot circuit at all times. the turn signals will only work with the "key on", the 4ways over ride the turn signal.

And, don't forget, a bad light socket in the front turn/park light can mess up the whole system :eek:

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Easiest way I've found is to get a 3rd Brake light module from JC Whitney ($6), wire it in, then wire the trailer lights parallel to it's outputs. Thus no feedback and groundl oops to the normal brake/turn circuits. Beats running new wiring up to and thru the pedal brake light switch. Simulates the factory trailer light package. :cheers:

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Alright theres power to and through both fuses (haz/turn) Theres power to the brake light switch when the 4 ways are on. However there is no power to any of the bulbs when the left turn signal is on and nothing at all when the 4 ways are on (initial problem, duh). The Hazard relay has power to it and the other side has slight power as well but its constant and not alternating (flashing) idk if that tells me something or not..... So what should i go into next???

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Yes, there is a ground up front, drivers side, just inside the front panel, I think on the left inside fender. Connection "E7".


Like I wrote before, check your front light sockets, that can throw off your rear light also.


Did you check the bulbs in the front turn singles??? Make sure there in the proper position.


At worst, from what you write..........your turn single switch, in the column could have gone bad, causing the "no left turn single" :dunno:

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There are four column multifunction switches for MJs; for tilt and non-tilt columns, and for intermittent and non-intermittent wipers. It's not easy replacing this switch, so I would not put a used one in there. Also, if you do not have delay wipers, now's a good time to do it. :D

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