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Getting it inspectable

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hiya, finally really buckling down on getting the MJ inspected and driveable. problems are small but a pain.


-serpentine belt- haven't been able to find a good diagram, not really sure how to change one. (noob sorry still learning)


-back-up lights don't come one - checked fuses and such. was going to hook them up to a toggle switch. any other thoughts?


-speedometer- didn't work when i bought it, must be a bad cable or something?


any ideas of references on any of these things would be mucho appreciated.

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backup lights was a faulty connection. fixed that, beautiful.


the serpentine belt was interesting. loosened up the power steering pump and took it off. the old serpentine belt had sheared a rib (4 ribs in stead of 5) the alternator seems to be the problem here - someone put the wrong pulley on it. it has 4 ribs in stead of 5, so it sheared off a rib from the other belt. going to take a look at the alternator on the other MJ, see if I can use that, if not i'll get a new one.


the speedometer was easy. the cable was broken off from the back of the gauge. I guess i need to get a new cable. that should solve that problem. hopefully.


lot cheaper doing it yourself. :yes:


I also mounted my CB the other day, but haven't wired anything up yet, it actually fit into pre-drilled holes though.


also found a small army of mice when i took out my dash. and 8 or 9 baby ones too. shop vac cleaned that right up.

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ah sorry, been neglecting the forums for a bit.


I went with one I knew would work with out any headaches, got one off of a 87 2wd from wildman.


after fiddling with both of them, I seriously doubt it would be plug and play. just see if you can pull one from a JY or something.



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