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Motor Mount replacement

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I was driving the beast and heard a strange noise at acceleration...finally narrowed it down to the mechanical fan just barely touching the fan shroud when the engine was under torque. After a lot of power braking and such it appears the motor mounts are worn to the extent that the engine shifts just enough to let the fan rub.


I ordered a set of mounts from Rockauto and will be changing them next weekend....but wondered if anyone could share how they are changed with the engine in the vehicle (I have only changed them when it was out).


I appreciate your responses.



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i remember being real po'd when i did them in my 90. if yours is a renix it isn't fun. i remember trying to sneak them out without taking a bunch of stuff apart, and it didnt' work. i had the head off at the time to. i think its the right side thats a pain. i think i had to unbolt the bracket from the engine, i tried to push that expereince far out of my head i think.

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Just did my drivers side motor mount today, I had a hell of a time because the stud that is on the mount itself decided to spin because it is only attached to the rubber bushing and I could not get the nut off, took a lot of prying, hammering, air hammering, more prying, getting pissed, more air hammering and then some cutting with a torch until I was finally able to get it all the way off. reassembly was a little bit of a pain, first I tried bolting it down to the "frame" then putting the bolt through the motor brackets and motor mount and it was horrible so I put that bolt on first and then with that attached lowered the engine and bolted the mount to the "frame".


I have to do the pass side soon, it looks to be the tricker one because of the oil filter/oil filter adapter, I may have to remove both to get the bolt out of the mount so I will just end up doing an oil change at the same time.

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