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Paradise by the dashboard lights..

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My desktop puter is in the shop.. getting fixed, so I don't have access to my XJ/MJ repair files!


I'm looking for dashboard lights layout.. has anyone got it or link to it online?


Further, I have found a set of 1989 Full-size Waggy Dana 44's, probably not original axels, but the are a 6 bolt pattern!


What would that pattern be called.. 6 on 4.5 or what.. I do think that they are a 16" wheel?


Any assistance would be appreciated?


Wheel-on.. BK

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The waggy pattern is 6 on 5.5".



If you want to do a conversion to waggy axles, look into a mid 90s Isuzu rodeo rear axle. They have a Dana 44 diff, are the same 6on5.5 wheel bolt pattern, same width, and come with 4.10 or 4.30 gears and disk brakes. Then you'll only need to do a gear swap in the front to match. Oh, and swap on a regular U-joint yoke. :thumbsup:

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