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Getting new aux fan, will the plug be the same?

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I just bought a new (97-01 I think) 10 blade auxiliary fan for my 87 Comanche. will this just plug into the vacant plug that is in my Comanche now? or did they change the style plug? according to the 88 Comanche electrical PDF file that I have the plug is a small 2 wire half round looking plug. and I think it is a little different with at least the 99 FSM I have the plug looks more square but I'm not sure.




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weird, I could have sworn I already posted a reply :dunno:


anyway what I thought I already said was that if they do not match I'm going to use 2 wires to jump the plugs together (splicing into wire and keeping plug intact) until I can find the appropriate male/female plugs at the junk yard to make an adapter. or just cut the new plug off one from the junk yard and wire it in.


thanks for the input


**Ha figured out what I did, I hit new topic and didn't put a title to it so it disregarded the post all together** :doh:

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