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ignition switch installation on a 89 comanche ?

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The wife's comanche died. Traced problem down to the ignition switch module on the steering column. removed the old one, but the new one does want to go back in the same place. Both switches look the same, So what is the trick to putting it in?

I even unplugged wiring harness to the switch, still no luck.

Start again to install module, no luck. Looks to me like the rod moved or has come loose in the steering column. I can still move it back and forth with the key, So I don't know what I did wrong. The switches look the same, I even tried a switch from a non tilt column, wouldn't work either.

I need some suggestions as to what could be the problem. I need to get it fixed and back on the wiring harness for a 88 wrangler. Thanks Bo

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I'm not sure I understand your problem, but:


If it is the ignition rod that extends down the steering column that is not functioning, there are two (most common) reasons (1) If you lowered the column to replace the ignition switch and now the key rod won't move - it's pinned inside the column mount. There is a special place for it to sitso it can slide. (2) If the rod will move freely by hand but will not actuate the sliding portion of the ignition switch you have the rod bracket mounted over the bracket for the headlight high beam switch bracket, it should be under it.


If the rod moves when you turn the key it is probably not disconnected, but if you did it simply 'pops' into a receiver under the column shroud with slight pressure. If you remove the knee bolster and drop the column slightly and look in there you can see the union. WARNING: do not force the column down too far as the firewall bolts will pop free (the firewall metal where they fasten is quite thin).


Get back to me after you check thse things. If you want you can PM me on it.

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