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Front Windshield Replacement

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Yes they are the same, but good luck removing one without cracking it. :( It's one of the few things that I would gladly pay a pro to handle.

On a side note, I've read that the later model XJ window gaskets are an improvement for our older trucks, so look into that either way.

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People with the right tools have still failed at removing them in one piece. I'm not saying it's totally impossible, but many, many have cursed whoever glued those dang things down in the first place. :(




ya, It can suck and they usually don't break till your almost done. coming down the final strech and :grrrr:


good news is theres lots of XJs to practice on.



ive been to some U-pull its that don't let you pull them,its about $50(last i checked) and they pull it for you. that might be the route i go if i don't break down and just get a new one.

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