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Internal Slave Cyl

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first off I have no idea what year my ax-15 came out of..guessing 91-93..did a 2wd to 4wd conversion and went to bleed the clutch..when i depress the clutch(truck running)it makes a hellacious racket..question 1..are all internal ax-15 slaves the same..question 2..is the throwout bearing sold seperate..question 3 whats involved in converting to external..Thanks in advance.

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I believe they're all the same, and no, the throwout bearing is not a separate piece.


Converting to an external may be a few more bucks, but personally I'd do it if I could. They're much easier to diagnose and repair if there's future problems.

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No, you shouldn't be. But your post kinda made it sound like you were so I wanted to be certain. :D


Bleeding an internal can be a real pain in the butt. I've never had the privilege of doing it, so all I can say is keep at it. :thumbsup: If it's anything like when I was bleeding the brakes of my 90, it might take a while. :(

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