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Missing shifter "cover plate"

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Hello all,


I got my truck back from my mechanic that was doing the 4x4 swap, and there is one item missing. He could not (or didn't) replace the metal cover panel that goes around the shifter (see picture). Apparently it's a different plate for the NV3550 that I replaced the BA10 with. Right now I can remove the center console and look at the top of the tranny. I'm not even sure what the original looked like, or if I need to get one from a 2000 XJ to match the shift tower. Can someone give me some input? Thanks.





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It's not metal, it's a rubber boot. A boot from an XJ or MJ with an AX-4/5 or AX-15 should match up ok if you can't find one from an 00 or 01.


We're talking about an INNER boot, right? I already have the outer "bellows" boot.

yes, there is a second boot not seen normally the bottom of it is a metal ring shaped like that hole and its just a rubber boot attached to that ring.

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OK, so the one for the 2000 XJ (PN: 5210 4170) is still available, but the one for the 1990 (PN: 5300 5384) is not. Do I need to worry more about matching it to the body, or matching it to the transmission tower? In other words, is the mounting plate the same for all years and only the "hole" the shifter pokes through is different, or is the base different between the 1988 and the 1997+ bodies. Thanks.

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