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Clutch Bleeding Issues

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I replaced my internal slave cylinder in the BA10 5-speed with an OEM and the pedal feel is unchanged-there is only about 2" of resistance.


I followed the bleeding instructions in the Jeep Factory Manual. Do I need to use a vacuum pump to more forcefully purge the air? Would this technique be worthwile:


Could it be a bad clutch cylinder? I have no brake fluid leaking onto the fuse box, but could the cylinder go bad without any leaking?

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Aging memory may be faulty, but I thought the FSM called for bench bleeding it before installation.


Let's see -- so you installed it with the retaining band intact. You bled it. Have you since stepped on the pedal with the bleeder closed and busted the retainer band loose? If so, you may have a tough time getting it bled. You'll get there ... eventually ... but it may take awhile.

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Will do! My next day off is Wednesday, so I'll have a report back then.


Again, does anyone know if a clutch cylinder can fail without dropping its fluid onto the fuse box?


Yea, a master cyl can blow out internally.


But its more likely for the soft line to swell up and become obstructed. Hopefully you spent the $18 for a new fluid line and changed it out with your new slave cyl :yes:

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