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project mall crawler


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I figured I would join my blood brothers goblazers_6 and bigpimpinben on comancheclub. They said time for a build thread but I'm a day late dollar short.


well my rig isnt exaclty a comanche, never really found the right one and the one I owned sucked. So a couple years ago I traded a broken quad for a 89 cherokee in real real bad shape.

Couldnt even crawl the local mall speed bump.


A year later a rebuilt 4 liter, swapped in ax-15, long arms, so on, so on. Still high centering on mall speed bumps.



lots or armor, winch, weld in rocker replacements, geared axles, tires and more!

Now I can crawl all mall speed bumps.



hillbilly on board air.... couple small things have been fixed and tank coming soon.



look at that cute guy ben...... so sexy

From now on added mods will be posted here since I'm a bit late on a built thread.

Let me know if you have any questions or pic requests thanks! Bilsteins coming next week and rhd draglink over the knuckle steering very soon.

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How well does that FRL unit work??? I have seen them and I wondered if they can keep steady pressure or keep the water to a minimum. The price is killer compared to other ones.


works great! Just make sure the oil/water seperator threadson the top piece are tight and the inside O ring is on right. Mine wasnt working correctly until I checked that, also add a one way valve to the outlet line. Keeps everything flowing properly and after that it builds pressure almost to fast for not having a tank yet.

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Will it fit in the garage now? :cheers:


bad angle yes it does. Have to hide it in the garage in this neighborhood. Suprsied Ben didnt get shot at in that pic.


Do you have any pictures of it at the mall? It would be cool to see it in it's natural habitat.


I may have some flex pictures on the expectant mother parking last time I was rock crawling my local shopping center.

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