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more 2.5L trouble...

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So I resealed/replaced every part that was wrong with the cylinderhead, and now there's still oil burning and leaking everywhere into the engine area and sometimes into my cab when I drove it again earlier today. The truck won't seem to push itself past 35mph on the speedo, I do have 31" tires though, it might just very well be the lack of power that 4cyl has, so I am not concerned about that, just worried about the excessive smoke that comes out of the engine after 3 minutes of idling/driving.



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If it won't go over 35mph you have some serious power issues.


I have a 2.5L and 31" tires,the truck has decent power,i can burn the tires pretty good off the line and it cruises just fine over 70mph on the interstate.

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What color is the smoke? Maybe you have a bad headgasket, allowing water into one cylinder causing power loss. You might want to check that next. I guess I should ask where the smoke is coming from first. If it is all coming from the engne area and you replaced most gaskets already then I would start by power washing the engine bay clean, then run the engine to see where the leak is coming from. Good luck.

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