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Bolts holding bed on 87 MJ

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Theres 8 bolts holding the whole thing on. 4 in front, 2 in the middle, and two in the back. Just did this awhile ago and the biggest tip i can give ya is to use lots and lots of PB Blaster so the bolts don't snap off. I had half of mine snap off! :fs1:

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Isn't there 8 bolts?


The one I remember seeing was a photo of a bare comanche frame and someone had drawn colored dots on it with microsoft paint.




this the thread/pic your talking about?

there is also another pic at the bottom of that page



Yea, that's a better picture of the bolt locations, I did my drawing for something else, and measured the locations, for reference, and if you count the X's, there are 8 of them, 4 studs and 4 bolt holes.

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