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Starting/Power Problems

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I finally got my comanche back after almost a year after it was stolen and the thing is pretty torn up.... Anyway I have reconnected my battery cables with new wires and all but when I turn the key I get absolutely nothing... not even my accessories turn on. It is a brand new battery and brand new cables.... I am guessing it has something to do with the key switch or somewhere in there. no wires are hacked... everything is plugged up... Anybody have any ideas on where I should even begin? I am pretty new to dealing with this type of problem....

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I guess first things first....Check your getting battery power at the starter... Check your ground as well.... power at the starter is good....then check the little wire to the starter....Then also the main fuse area....should be able to check in there as well.... best of luck....could be the dash (guage) fuse...could have blown at battery installation time, and also a bad connection...so you could very well be looking at two problems......

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Check All of your fusable links, when mine died it was a wire under the hood that i lucked out amd found after installing an new ignition switch, dash harness.....check where all your relays are. Those green wires are tricky little buggers :dunno:

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I did find a bare wire at the fusable link... fixed it and nothing... absolutely nothing... I still turn the key and absolutely nothing in the vehicle turns on....

If you found a bare wire it may have grounded out and fried something somewhere....... Leave the ignition on and start wiggling wires around.....thats how I found mine.....The bad wire looked fine from the outside, but the wire inside was toast......You will find it its just a matter of time :cheers: Also check the relays....does you battery have a charge??? :popcorn:

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Yeah my battery has a perfect charge. I think that is what is going to need to happen... I think I may replace all of those relays and all and maybe check out the box with all of the fusable links are attatched to... I would not be suprised if some stuff is fried... the guy that had it has no clue what he was doing...

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I've been kind of sitting back watching this post.


First........we need more info on the truck your working on........Like, Year, engine, auto or manual tranny, post all the specs.


Second........The ECU has nothing to do with the cranking of the engine, only after the starting of the engine, it control the timing and plus of the injectors, oh and a few other things :roll:


I don't believe the ECU is fused. Maybe internally.


The ECU can get fried, if the (+) and (-) are reversed.


You write that "when you turn the key, nothing happens"


If you pull the light switch, do the lights come on?? This is separate from the ignition switch.


If NO accessories come on when you turn the key, like the radio or the heater fan don't come on, then you have a problem with the ignition key switch. I read that you replaced the ignition starter switch, but if the rod from the key to the lower switch is not working properly, thats a start of your problem.


The more I looked over your post, the more I think theres a problem with your wiring, between the ignition switch and the starter relay.

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Thanks for the info! :cheers: As I mentioned I am somewhat new at dealing with wiring type issues... for some reason I have never had any electrical problems in any of my vehicles... suprising (i've owned some beaters)


The truck is a 1989 4.0 6cyl. (renix) 5-speed


I cannot even get my lights to turn on... I have been trying that for the last two days as from what I have read previously that was seperate...


When I turn the key I still get nothing. I have absolutly nothing turning on... i mean nothing! No lights, guages, fuel pumps, starters... anything.


I have started looking into the starter relay and I have also got a new key cylinder to replace if need. The rod seems to be working fine and I set up the switch properly (triple checked it)

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OK.......the additional info helped.


Solve one problem at a time.


If your lites are not going on, and you have a fully charged battery, then the "power" from the battery is not reaching the truck, that would be via the cables from the battery.


Check the negative (ground) at the motor block. Check the body/engine ground strap.


Pull the plastic cover off the + & - cables and look directly at the cables.


I have a pair of cables in the shop that I pulled from a parter, the cable insulation is complete gone, and the wires are half corroded. That plastic wrap cover "hides" any defects on the cables.


If needed, replace the 2 cables. Note that the positive cable also has a 'lead' that feeds the starter switch. Make sure that is on the new cable. If you have any type of cable clamps on the cables now, get rid of then, only use OEM style cable clamps (factory crimped style)


Now, this should have your lites working. First problem solved.


If your lites are working, then the accessories should turn on when you turn the key.


If not, then we'll deal with that, and that would show a problem with the key switch.


If you have a multi meter, or a test light, turn the key to the "on" and check for voltage at the ignition switch. You said you replaced the ignition switch, but you never said if you have any voltage at the switch??


Try the above items first, the cables, and then "report" back here ;)


Yes, electrical problems are a Pita, and with the 12vdc systems, and all the negative feeded switches, it makes it more complicated :doh:


I work with alot of 12vdc and 24vdc in door controllers, and the one service rep I need to call once in a while saids it best........."90% of the problems are in the wiring" .....which is true, you can have the polarity reversed on a relay, and nothing works :headpop:

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here's some Mr. Lunghd info to get you started / oriented -


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Ele ... straps.htm


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Ele ... cation.htm


http://www.lunghd.com/Downloads_and_Lin ... Switch.zip


Their should be a alternator lead (charge wire about 10ga wire) going to the starter switch post, and the positive lead (about 8ga wire) also on the same post. Thats where there "tied" together to feed the accessories / power the truck with positive power.


Check this out -




That is the starter switch (relay) so you know what your looking for :D

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Alright :banana:




OK........Now, take a step back, look at your posts on the first page of your topic here, and......in the words of the famous JTdesigns ........K.I.S.S.


In other words, finding something simple to repair, save you from tearing the whole thing apart :D

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