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Floor pan on e-bay


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This guy must be laughing out loud. This pan (not a pair) started out at an opening bid of 39.99 with a buy it now of 44.99. I put in a 39.99 bid a few days ago as first bidder. Someone immediately out bid me, so I bid it to what the buy it now price was. Now look at it. :eek: I sure hope it isn't someone on here :shake: .


http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... EBIDX%3AIT

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I'm guessing they misread the ad and think it's the pair. The two other bidders have over 800 and 3300 feedbacks respectively. Probably as sellers, but experienced ebayers nonetheless. Which makes it all the more surprising if they misread the ad. Could always be in cahoots with the seller to drive up bids if they think they have a sucker on the line.

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At that price.......for only ONE floor pan....... :nuts:


At also, reading the add........the floor pan is for XJ's, MJ's and Wagoners :hmm:


Almost as costly as this place........http://www.rustrepair.com/BODY_PANELS/o ... HEROKEE.84


Why don't you check out what Continental has to offer........there up your way.


Other wise..........I'll keep that piece of galvanized sheet metal handy for you :D

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Interesting. I posted this up last month HERE and no one bid on them. Now buyers are going crazy bidding on them.




Don, Us Northern people have to wait until all the snow melted before we even think about doing body work, ya know :roll:


Found these listed as well:


http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/84-01-JE ... ccessories



I e mailed to see if they sell just one side at a time. They definitly look more like my floor contour than the other pans. Bit pricey though.


Now those floor pans look much better that the other ones, yes, little more pricer, but "ya get what ya pay" Plus, being die stamped and 19 ga just would work out better in the long run........Yes, I seen the rocker they had, might be the way to go in my case :hmm:


The thing I don't like about the e-bay floor pans, in some cases, the pan don't cover enough of the tranny tunnel, one I did, I needed to come up the tunnel about 4 inches, and the 'pre-made' don't extent that far up.

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I agree, it is definitly a case by case situation. For mine, the metal challenged part is mostly on the bottom.



Man.......I had to read that 3 times, I kept reading it as something else :hmm:


(good thing you left the n out)

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