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Broken Bolt

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Hello and good afternoon guys. I need some assistance. I broke a bolt off of my girlfriends 99 Cherokee (XJ) today. The bolt was located on the back rear shock (upper mounting bolt), they are rusted like a none other. Anyway, I was wondering what is the easiest way to get it out (I have limited tools--but tons of redneck knowledge). I am pretty sure the other will break as well. I just need some assistance and you guys have been more than helpful in the past. I love this website and you guys help keep my Comanche moving. Thanks a ton.



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Or....use a hefty long punch and a BFH and break the spot welds holding the nut to the rear crossmember section, then use some thin wire to fish a grade 8 bolt with a washer through the hole(s) and use a nut w/ washer at the shock. I couldn't count how many timess I've done that. Common problem.

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