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June 09 JeepSkool

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This past weekend:


We decided a "Skool" needs to have a "Prom", so we organized one Saturday night with a DJ at the pavilion. Instructions were the worst dress you could find at Goodwill. That's what the last few pictures are.


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The Wrangler on 39.5 Iroks is a staff member. While we went looking for another way out (that area has no trails, and he never tried to go out the back way) he tried to go back the way we came so he could winch us through the ditch to get back. He had to winch himself out first, though.


We did find the back way out eventually, after being stopped by a sink hole the first 3 attempts.


The FJ Cruiser and 2 door Cherokee were warned, but don't know how to listen. The hole the FJ cruiser is stuck in is getting bigger every month, and I may not be able to skirt it any more next month if it continues. No name yet, but deserving of one. The 2 door Cherokee is stuck in Jeep Swallow. A stock Blazer went through it last September. A lot has changed since then. The 39.5 Iroks can't make it, a 6wd deuce-and-a-half couldn't make it, and a truggy based on a K5 Blazer frame with locked 44s couldn't make it. So the Cherokee tries it with stock street tires :nuts:


As for me? Well, I made it through there last month. But the ruts weren't deep enough to hit maximum articulation then. Nobody else made it either. Actually, after seeing me stuck and flexed out nobody else tried. They all took the bypass.

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