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8.8 install

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Spicer part number 221379. Should be less than $50 from any vendor (at least we sell it for less than that).

OK, Will that part look like this style:



Or will it look like this style:



Although the second picture is a D35)

And how much is "less than 50 bucks" delivered? :dunno:

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I have that part from the old drive shaft. A guy I was talking to said that setup wasn't very tolerable to high driveline angles. not that I'm going to subject my driveline to any extremes. It's just that if there is a butter setup such as this style:



Then I think that is what I should be using. Only makes sense, after putting hundreds into the darn thing, I don't want it to have any shortcomings, or things I should have done. :typing:

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This is what your looking for:

Image Not Found


It bolts to the flange of your first pic.





Yup. That's what you're looking for. You may be able to get the proper size one off of a Ranger/Crownvic/Aerostar in the junkyards. Be careful though, plenty of those vehicles came with the lesser 7.5 axle. You need a U-joint adapter from an 8.8 (and not an 8.8 under an F150, as they use a bigger U-joint). The special bolts you need are available at the Ford dealership (or if you get the part off of a junkyard car you can use those bolts.). Do not get bolts from the hardware store. They are super strong and a metric thread. I've yet to see anything like them in a hardware store. If I remember right, they need a 12 point socket/wrench to remove (I forget what size).

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