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2.5 alternator

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ok so my cousin has a 2.5 that shows symptoms of a bad alternator and she asked me to replace it

anybody know how hard it is to take it off and on (time/ difficulty/ tools)?






it's pretty much the same process any year...


loosen power steering pump (pretty much same process as doing a 4.0's p/s pump), remove belt(s), disconnect battery, unbolt terminals from alternator (similar location to the 4.0 alternator), unbolt several bolts/nuts, remove, replace, reverse order.



the only real difference is between 86 and 87 when they changed over to Serpentine belts. Basically, you have to take off more belts with a V belt assembly.


here's the too differences

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it's very easy, i just did mine 2 days ago, and it took me about 40 mins total.... the job becomes much easier if you take the battery out... the p/s pump bolts are all 13mm, the tensioner is 14mm, the upper alt. bolt is 15mm, the lower alt. bolt is 13mm and there's a 13mm nut on the backside of it, and the charge wire on the back of the alt. is a 3/8.

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