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Struck gold today


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Went to pull-a-part Cleveland West today with the intention of getting new better front axle shafts for the Comanche. First stop was a 99 XJ. Had the passenger shaft out in a jiffy, but driver side was missing. Went to look at a 98, but driver side was missing. Noticed an 88 Sportruck 2wd swd that was not listed in the inventory, but it's been picked clean. Then moved on to a 97 XJ, driver side shaft was missing. 95 turned out to be a mislabelled grand Cherokee with CV shafts, other 95 was 2wd, 94 was missing entire front axle another 94 I couldn't find, and then I come across a 91 XJ Wagoneer with ABS that's not on my print out of Cherokees. Could not get the hub nut off, but swiped the wiper delay module. Beside it was a 90, fromt which I also swiped the delay module and the full gauge cluster with tach, then on to a 93 with ABS, got the hub nut and brake caliper off before I noticed the hub bolts were rounded off. Every Grand Cherokee I walked by I glanced at the front axle, but all were CV. Then on the way to a 93 XJ I came by another Grand, 99 I believe, and as I glance over I notice a CB boot on the passenger side axle. I don't know what made me turn and look behind me after I passed it, but I did and noticed the driver side shaft had no CV boot, but did have an ABS wire. Sure enough, and got it off in about 15 minutes. On the way I also swiped a gas shock off a truck cap to use on my cap (lift gate stays open by itself now) and a thermostat housing with a temp sensor I will be using for my electric fan. It did take a few more tries to get 2 working wiper delay modules, exchanged under warranty.


So total for the day:

1 hour 15 minutes driving each way

3 and a half hours in the yard


- driver and passenger ABS axle shafts with 297 joints. Both joints are bad, so will replace with 760.

- thermostat housing with temp sensor

- gas shock for lift gate on my truck cap

- 2 wiper delay modules

- full gauge cluster with tach


Cost: $85


I almost grabbed a double diaphragm booster with master cylinder and brake pedal and everything else for $25, almost grabbed another full gauge cluster with tach for the XJ, almost grabbed a spare hub for $25, almost grabbed a spare 29 spline 8.25" shaft for $15, but I had to stop somewhere.

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I went to my local yard last monday...spent 2 hours and walked away with:


-4 gas struts (mustang)

-maroon full center console (MJ)

-fixed vent window w/great seals (MJ)

-headlight switch (mustang)

-complete 8.8 rear axle w/no-slip (mustang)


paid $135 for everything

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