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Is this true??

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the rear lower control arms on the geo tracker 90-99, suzuki sidekick, and chevy tracker, all 90-99, are 2 inches longer than the xj front control arms, and will fit directly, with a little love. they are round stock, and torque pretty good.

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not sure about the downtravel bit, long arms are strait. You will rub against them at full lock.


Being strait instead of bent may affect the arc the axle swings in...



Downtravel is limited by control arm angle (among other things) - after a certain point they bind on the coil bracket. Long arms aleviate this problem as the angle change of the arms is less.


A bent arm does not affect the arc the axle swings on. Only the position of the bolts (pivot points) for the arms affect that, with a certain amount of error based on bushing and link deflection.



But I'd ask what good a 2" longer LCA is? Unless a guy wants to extend the wheelbase about 2" and make some UCAs to match. At which point I think a guy would be better off making new LCAs and UCAs.

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