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New member & New MJ

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here's my new (to me) 1991 Mj,


4.0 inline-6, 2wd, 5-speed, minimal rust...picked it up for 200$. runs and drives amazing.


Plan: Hopped up engine, something to smoke the local rice burners...haha



And here's my other Mj 1986



2.5 4 banger, 4wd, 5speed, lottsa rust. picked up for 500$ ran and drove amazing. Blew the motor though,


Plans: 4 banger replacement motor, and 6in skyjacker lift, and all the goodies.

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General rules of thumb under MJs and XJs (better check the tag to be sure):


4.0 + stick = 3.07

4.0 + auto = 3.55

2.5 + 5spd stick = 4.10

2.5 + 4spd stick = 3.55

2.5L + auto = 4.56

2.8L = better check to be sure



An XJ axle will need the perches moved to the MJ location.

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