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im totally stumped

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i have a 1989 jeep comanche 4.0l standerd i have replaced crank sensor, 02 senser , pick up coil in the distributer , pcv valve on tope of the valve cover , 6 new plugs , new fuel filtter and a full tank of premium gas and it still stalls out . while stopped at a light when its warm it will idle at 2000 while cold 300 . i have also replaced the iac and the tps so I'm thinkin ignishin coil but if anyone can give me there input and thoughts that would be grate thanks :cheers:

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You may have a bad CTS (coolant temperature sensor). It's in the left side of the block just behind the P/S pump under the manifolds. It's a bit of a pain to get too, but it can cause what you are experiencing. Check your grounds too. There is a primary ground post on the right rear of the block where the negative battery cable attaches and 4 other ground wires that ground most everything in your electronic controls system. If that is not getting good ground...you will have all kinds of weird troubles...ask me how I know... :fs1: :ack: ;)

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Yea........I'll 2nd Taz on that one.


Check this out, top of the page.....


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Eng ... ostics.htm


The the other thing I was thinking..........was the EGR valve :hmm:


everyone else summed up my thoughts, except for a TPS thats gone screwy or an IAC valve thats gone to the nuthouse-

That coolant sensor would be my first stop, but I`d check the TPS for kicks as well....might even test that MAP sensor for fun.

The RENIX system is pretty easy to work with(not on)- isolate the problem and test everything- you get used to it after awhile...it never seems to be anything dratic, just hard to find-


a vacuum leak- which is Uber common on ours- is ALWAYS the first suspect.

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Good advice so far. One other thing to check along the lines of the grounds. ADD MORE!!! Its no biggie and all it can do is help!!!


Also, do a fuel pressure check. That fuel pump could be going. Mine did simular right at the end.


Good luck,


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