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which speedo gear?

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my 88mj came with stock 215s and i went to 235s.i would like to change the gear to make the speedo right.does anybody know the # of teeth that came stock?it has a 4.0 /a/t.i figure 1 tooth less would make it right.i'd like to be able to order one without taking mine apart first.

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You are going to most likely need a 29 or 30 tooth gear according to those charts. The 235 by conversion is a 28.9" tall tire, but in real life it typically measures at 28" so you will need to actually measure the height of your tires to be sure of which one to get.


Most of the speedo gears that you find today are for the later model Jeeps with the shorter shaft so you will likely have to do as I kdid and swap the shafts to make it work. I had a speedo gear out of my '95 YJ that was the right tooth count for the MJ with 31's on it, but the shaft was wrong so I simply changed them...not hard to do at all.

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