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Ballast resistor getting hot

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I have never checked one, but it would seem normal for it to get hot to me :dunno: . You have a ceramic block with wires running through it and electricity traveling through constantly to the fuel pump so it's bound to get kinda warm.


I'll have to check mine later to see if it is hot after driving.

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The fact that it acts as a resistor. Amperage going through multiplied by voltage drop across equals wattage of heat generated. But as I don't have one, I can't measure either.


It not only acts like a resistor, it is a resistor, a 1 ohm wire-wound voltage dropping resistor. :D It is relayed into the fuel pump circuit after the engine starts and drops the applied 12V a couple of volts supossedly to make the pump quieter and last longer. It is normal for it to get hot, thus the porcelin body to better dissipate heat. :cheers:

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