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They will fit, but you have to cut the XJ seats off of their brackets and attach the XJ seats to the MJ seat brackets. If you look in the DIY forum I am sure there is a write-up in there on how to go about it.


You will really want the seats from a 2 door Xj as they have the fold forward feature to allow you access behind the seats. The 4 door XJ's do not have this and it can be a real PITA to get behind the seats in the MJ if htey don't fold foward :idea:


EDIT: Here is the write-up ... viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8093

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Hopefully the factory floor brackets are still there. The floor brackets are the same bench or bucket, so you would need either MJ buckets or XJ buckets, preferably from a 2-door. The XJ buckets with the curved slider will sit you up a couple inches higher than the straight slider. Avoid the power unless you're looking for a big project.

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