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Headliner removal

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First thing i do is remove the visors and visor clips. Somebody may have a shortcut for the next part, but in the several i've removed, i've pulled out most of the interior trim...starting with the plastic trim and carpet at the back wall of the cab so that you can get to the plastic bolts holding the b-pillar trim on. Remove the torx bolts holding the top of the seatbelts of the b-pillar trim and the screw above it. The only thing holding the b pillar trim on at that point should be the interior lights and their wiring. Remove the two screws holding each of the a-pillar trim and the torx screws holding the grab handle on the passenger side. It might be overkill to remove all that, but i wasn't taking chances with already fragile headliners.


One last and important note...there are two velcro strips at both the front and back of the headliner holding it to the roof. Reach your hand between the headliner and roof at the front and rear of the cab to carefully pull the velcro apart. A lot of times the glue holding the velcro to the roof or the headliner isn't sticking anymore, but better safe than sorry...the headliner will probably rip first if the glue and velcro is doing its job.

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