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How is the water getting in???

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Ok, when I bought this 92 MJ the passenger side floor was soaked. I stripped out everything, found the floor in great shape.

I dried out all the goods and put them back. I have also done the following:


1) verified windshield seal is sound - with pressure washer (had all the inside trim and headliner removed for full visibility)

2) verified no leaks through firewall, even replaced the seal under the hood rear edge.

3) installed new perimeter door seal and verified full contact/compression with grease

4) verified AC/heater box is draining properly, and installed new drain tube


The rubber/foam insulator on the inner side of firewall remains dry, moisture is

on horizontal surface only. I've spent the last 3 days driving through Georgia rainstorms,

but for the life of me cannot figure how the water is getting in. Even the original

sealant around the hole plugs looks sound and pliable. Carpet is dry, but padding is

wet, only forward of the seat. Suggestions anyone? Thanks!

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Vent window gasket, B-pillar vent needs new weather striping, floor shifter may need new rubber, heater box bolts or fan rubber may need replaced, I mean there is a lot of different places to check. Best way to locate it would be if you could pull the carpet back and put talc powder down and when it leaks it would leave a path to the source.



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