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97+ Front end

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absolutely necessary, no. But the 97+ header panel has slightly different shaped edges. So if you don't swap the fenders, it will look like this:


That ones mine. :cheers:


It is a simple bolt on procedure except you need to make a way to bolt it to the fenders if you don't change them. I just bent up some little brackets on each side. I also had to switch the headlight buckets from side to side due to the adjusters and spring anchors being opposite on the 97+ header panel.

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How much fab work to do that upgrade to an '86?

Unfortunately the 86 didn't have the same front end as the 4.0 setup 87+ models, and therefore they require a little bit more fab work (read:trimming the header panel). I learned this after looking at pics (and comparing them to my MJ) and the write up found on MFPDM's mild build.

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