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I'm an idot and burned through some wires

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Well I was welding on some new floor pans and some other associated replacement metal along the drive cavity from inside and I caught some wires on fire.


After putting out the fire and cleaning my shorts, I discovered it is a 4 wire run that goes from the transfer case to the front of the truck. Is this the two send speed sensor cable?


One of these days, this project will be done and we can go jeeping (I hope) assuming I don't catch something else on fire too.



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Good call Pete. You da man! :bowdown:


I went back under and looked closer and they are 4 vacuum lines (red, blue, green, yellow) that connect to the 231 just below and forward of the spedo cable. Obviously I am going to have to replace this, but what am I looking for (besides having more control of my welding).



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No need to replace the fragile vacuum lines. Just cap them off and then alter the CAD to be engaged all the time. Simple and reliable. :D
Exactly...shim the CAD over in the locked position and forget about those tubes :cheers:


You will need to locate the vacuum source and cap it off though ;)

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Cool. If no ill effects, then I will do this since from what I have read this is a weak point (one of many).


I have poked around on the site and found several threads discussing this. It seem pretty straight forward. Is there a specific write up available? One thread metioned a write up but I was not able to find it.


I think I need a few beers now. :cheers:

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