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Last water leak


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I've fixed 2 other leaks (rear window and drivers door vent window), and now I have one final one that I can't seem to get sealed up. The leak is coming under the passenger side dash area. Looks to be where the heater comes through the big round hole in the firewall. I've put silicone on both sides, but I think the foam is getting saturated and allowing the water to move through. Any thoughts on fixing this? Here are some pics.



Looking up under the dash. Seems you can see where the foam seal is leaking through. I though some silicone would stop it here.



Filled it in under the hood as well, but its still leaking.



Is it possibly coming in there? I see a small crack in the weld of the body, probably from the former owner and the wreck I assume it was in since the nose and pass fender don't match.


Any suggestions here? I'm not opposed to tearing the dash apart to get to this problem. I'm not about to put my new carpet in before I get every last leak fixed. Should I dump more silicone in it? Can I get a replacement seal? I'm up for anything at this point.



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Close up the windows on your truck. Run the blower fan on high, NOT on recirc. Spray the suspect areas under the hood with soapy water, just like looking for a leak in a tire. It will bubble where ever the pressurized air is leaking out of your cabin. You may need to seal off the exhausters behind the door depending how small the leak is.

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i would suspect the gasket on the blower motor. buytle(sp) tape will fix that sucker. also know as dum . take it off andp ut on a new gasket of that stuff and it should fix the leak.


Do I need to tear the whole dash apart to do that?


I guess I should search more...


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Ele ... _Motor.htm


Anyone know where I can get a repleacement seal? I'll try some silicone in there for now and see what that does. I'll probably coat the entire blower motor with a ring of silicone just to be safe.

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