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been a while


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man this is like the first time i been on comanche club in like forever.


i moved back to michigan from new jersey and have been working non stop ever since. first i was in natchez miss. with my dad gutting an old tire factory, then the hurricane was coming so we came back home on saturday, labor day weekend.


then i started at the new job site in toledo demo'ing a couple school with the new company i work for. been working 12 hour days for 2 weeks now, got 70 hours this week so far, gonna be rolling in dough next week i can't wait,


but yesterday i was almost killed on the job site, we use a rock crusher to crush all the brick and concrete etc into small stone to get rid of it, then use a screening plant to sort the rock from under 1'' 2'' and 3'' gravel. well a machine operator was running an excavator and wasn't paying attention and swung his boom and hit one of the conveyor belts on the side of the screen plant and broke it a few weeks ago, the screen plant needed to be moves from one site to the next, and when i was delivered we went to swing ot the conveyoer arms (there are 2 that swing out, about 50 feet long and weigh about 3k each) and when i pulled the pin out to let the arm swing out it collapse right on me pinning me to the ground unable to move or get out. after a few seconds i was able to get my back out from under it, cutting up my back but my left knee was still pinned to the ground under it, my dad was standing nearby and was able to lift up the end about an inch to give me enough room to get my knee out. i couldnt move my leg.


went to the hospital had 2 hot nurses take off my clothes :D and check me out. got about 10 xrays of my back and knee and it turns out it was just some scrapes on my back and a deep contusion in my thigh just above my knee. so i am ok just walking with a bad limp now.


cliff notes - moved back to michigan, work a ton almost died at work crushed by about 3000 pounds, turns out no broken bones, just walk with a limp for now, but get better soon.

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