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Front Turn Signal/Parking Light Problem

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My '87 has a problem where the front passenger parking light (one beneath the headlight) is either dead or dim. When the turn signal is on, it is weak.


I compared the left and right setups, and I filed the connections as best as possible, but it's the same. (swapped bulbs side to side, and problem stays with the passenger side)


While I had everything apart on both sides, I compared the function:


Parking lights on:

Driver side - taller filament lights.

Passenger side - taller filament lights weakly if at all.


Turn signal only:

Driver side - shorter filament flashes

Passenger side - shorter filament flashes weakly AND flashing will change over to the taller filament and flash. In both cases, the flashing is weak.


Parking lights on and turn signals on:

Driver side - taller filament lights, shorter filament flashes (makes sense) taller filament remains lit continuously

Passenger side - taller filament lights weakly, shorter filament flashes weakly - they alternate


After a while, the taller filament quits lighting at all for the parking light function, and the signal function hops over to the taller filament with a weak flash.


As far as I can tell, the connections in the socket are not touching. My only guess is corrosion farther back where I can see inside of it.


Are these sockets common replacement items available anywhere, or must I get one from the dealer/junkyard? Must the wires be cut and spliced, or can the wires be pulled out of the existing socket?


Thanks for any pointers.

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Thanks for the help guys!


AZ let me down. A friend works there, so I try them first. Advance had it. It is #84716, Conduct-Tite brand. Overall, they had more to pick from.


As advised, it is labeled for Ford! The only hiccup is that every single P/N on the back said "uses 1157 bulbs." When I finally saw the right one, I instantly knew it was right by the shape of the face that mates to the lens, and I also saw the wire colors were an exact match. I flipped it over and "uses 1157" appeared. Hmmm.


I compared 1157s to 2057s, and externally they are the same, and from the specs on the package, the electrical specs are the same. BUT, the filaments are reversed! Had I realized that first, I would have wired it backwards. I just removed the bulb and put it in 180 degrees off, and twisted it hard enough that those little pegs dug into the plastic.

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Its a light bulb it doesn't matter what side ground is on. If it was a LED it would matter but not a regular bulb.


The park/turn signal bulbs are dual filament; the turn signal filament is of more wattage than the park filament. I think this is waht he was talking about. Me, I wouldn't care unless the bulbs blew out more often. :eek:

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The only reason I had to flip it around was because with the filaments backwards, the parking light was so bright, I could not tell the flasher filament was working!


One more thing I forgot... The part of the socket that grips the lens is too long on the replacement, by a few millimeters. If you have to do this repair, keep the original socket's foam seal handy in case you need it to take up the slack. I doubled them up.

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