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I need some measurements..

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Thanks. That means i have about 5'' of lift on mine. no wonder i rub with 33's.



Also, how long should i make my rear driveshaft, ujoint to ujoint with my SYE at half slip? I measured my trans thats in there and my 4wd setup thats on the floor, and its 4'' longer. that means i would make the driveshaft right about 32'' - 33'', right?


BTW its an 88 Longbed

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17-1/2 front


20-1/2 rear


So that's center of hub to lower edge of flare, right?


I assume this is for 4x4's? So, a full 3" of rake up front in stock position.

No, he asked for the measurement on a 2WD. THe 4WD MJ is 21-1/2 in the rear.

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