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whats it for?

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I had the b pillar panel off today and where the wires come out for the lights there is another plug that looks like the one that the light in the engine bay plugs into. Is this the wiring for the cargo light? it looks like it runs up on top of the headliner

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Yes, the wire runs from the dash, thru couple connectors up to that pair of wires with the small connector on it, should have been, like coiled up behind the B pillar trim, and Yes, you need to cut a hole in the back of the cap, to mount the cargo light.


All you need is the dash switch and the cargo light :D

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I can get a set of all 4 dash switches for $15. But i wonder if anyone might have a cargo light? ;) What actually plugs into it? if one wire runs down to the dash and the other wire runs up to the gargo light, then isnt thet plug actually in the middle? or is the wiring that plugs into that actually connected to the cargo light. I'm confused :???:

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i wonder if anyone might have a cargo light?

Here's a cargo light without switches.



Thanks man. But I think i will need the wiring too. I think there is a wire connected to the cargo light that i need to run to that plug

Here's the wiring diagrams and what the back of the light looks like. The picture shows the C316 connector as part of the harness and the diagram shows it connecting directly to the light. I have to do this someday when I feel like pulling the interior apart. I can send you a PDF of the '88 MJ Electrical manual if you want, just pm an e-mail address.

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to clarify;


there is ONE wire that runs to the cargo light. it is pink, with only one connector. the cargo lamp only needs a power supply, as it grounds through the screws which connect it to the cab.


to install the cargo light, find the center of the cab, and then the center between the top of the window seal and the top of the cab. mark the spot with a hammer and a small center punch.


drill out a hole to fit the connector through...the connector should fit through very snugly.


connect it to the cargo lamp.


get long STAINLESS self-tapping screws. center cargo lamp and place firmly against cab (don't forget to make sure it's level)

stick screws in, and give one or two spins on them.

remove cargo lamp.

center punch the marks left from the screws, then screw them in.

pull them back out, and install the cargo lamp. don't forget to RTV the screws and around the connector. don't RTV the entire rubber seal.


install the proper switch bezel and switch, and connect it to the factory wiring under the dash (it is already there, along with the fog lamp switch connector and both indicator connectors sans bulbs


everything is there except for the switch and lamp

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thanks fiat, i have the elec manual for my 89 but i am not to good at reading those diagrams.


I think I understand now. I just need to run that connector up to where the cargo light would be. I was confused because the way it is tucked in there it looked like there is a wire running up there while the connector was near the light. thanks.

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