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Frt D30/D44 hybrid conversion

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I just found this while seaching for 9" parts. I thought I would share.


It looks like a good upgrade for many people. Real brakes, lockouts or driveplates can be used and true steering choices.


New off-road knuckles! Transform late model Jeep Dana 30 axles from junk into gold by bolting Dana 44 "outers" onto new hybrid Dana 30 - 44 knuckles.












Model D30001JL (left)

Model D30001JR (right)

JEEP Heavy Duty Flat Top Dana 30 / Rubicon Knuckles


The new Dana 30 / Rubicon 44 knuckle will transform late model Jeep axles into true contenders. The Reid knuckle adapts these axles to use early style Chevy & Jeep Dana 44 "outers". Early outers use tapered roller bearings eliminating the problematic unit bearings and allows standard lockout hubs to be used. Bigger brakes, more lug pattern options, and better aftermarket support come along as part of the conversion. The knuckles are also flat topped and drilled for high steer arm use.


Uses stock pre-1987 Dana 44 Chevy or Jeep spindles, hubs, rotors, calipers, stub shafts, and lockouts.

Fits YJ, TJ, XJ, WJ, ZJ, and MJ Dana 30 axles and TJ Rubicon Dana 44 axles.

Easy bolt-on installation with no machining required.

Aftermarket high strength stub shafts and lockouts can be used.

Eliminates wimpy non-serviceable unit bearings.

Adds conventional lockout hubs.

Better fuel economy and less wear and tear when in 2 wheel drive.

More lug patterns available including 5x5.5, 6x5.5, and 8x6.5.

Cast from high strength ductile iron.

Beefed up with extra material and ribbing.

Flat tops machined and drilled for high steer arms, all angle corrections milled directly into the knuckle.

Cast-in DUAL steering stops eliminate bent stop bolts that can cause u-joint and axle failures.

Tapered tie rod holes accept factory tie rod ends.

Tie rod holes can be drilled to accept 3/4" heim ends.

Powder coated bright orange for long lasting looks.

Machined to clear CTM u-joints without removing the grease fittings.


Just sharing. :cheers:

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