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how to replace floor pans

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My 89 Comanche is in need of floor pans. Any ideas out there besides a match and gas?

I got some steel 16g and started to remove what is still conected to the good part of the floor. I also need to replace the rockers.

If I could learn how to post some pic's of what is left of the floors I will for your enjoyment.




here are pic's >let me know if it worked

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yes, XJ and MJ pans are different. there have been some other members here who have gotten pans from them and supposedly they do have true MJ pans. however, i remember reading that you have to remind them several times while ordering that you want MJ pans. that being said, i also remember someone commenting in the same thread that the XJ pans still worked pretty good with a little hammering and modification. i would suggest you do a search on hear for "floor pans" or "sherman" and you should find more detailed info.

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I got some steel 16g


Wow :eek: That's some heave metal there for making panels :eek:


What you want to look for is some 22 ga sheet metal for repair panels, and if you not going to weld them in, like use sealant and pop rivets, get some Galvanized sheets.


This is one place I've had bookmarked-


http://www.rustrepair.com/BODY_PANELS/o ... HEROKEE.84


And then there's Keystone and Continental if there near you, but I don't think either one carry the floor pans.


The floor pans are not that hard to make, and if your carpet or mat is going back in.......easy to play with, and not have perfect :roll:


lets put it this way, the last time I priced a sheet of 22 ga, 4 x 8 it was about $26, the pans are well......more that that, so you can make about 5-6 floor pans out of one sheet.........do the math :roll:

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