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Starting a new project

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Just got a 1989 Jeep Comanche

Base model, not even power steering




exterior is in great condition

interior is not bad either




Option 1:

2500 front end

bucket seats and center console

possible late model dash conversion

lower it a tad

4.7 stroker and nv3550 swap

add power steering



same as option 1

except for 4wd conversion and raise it a tad


option 3:

realize that this thing gets 25mpg as is, and don't fawk with it, as I already have a lifted strokered cherokee. Still add power steering

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the choice for me would be 3 first then option 2 if the fuel was not a problem :brows: since you are having fun with your cherokee i would keep it stock as much as possible and maybe make a 4wd with minor mods then you know the rest of the story.

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yea, it is a base model. dummy gauges manusal steering. It is supposed to have power brakes but the booster is shot.


on a plus not I finally found a low side pressure switch, but when I filled it, the air got nice and cold, then the high side hose burst(exciting). so I figure I should probably change out the expansion block valve and and fix the hose soon. Probably replace the other and the reciever drier while I am at it.

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Yeah, the discharge hose is a common problem because it runs right against the battery. Mine exploded on me too. I had to replace the condenser along with the hose because the hose stripped the threads off of the condenser when I removed it...and yes, you need to repalce the drier at the same time.

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ok, so far I have cleaned it and I took the front end plastics off and repainted them gloss black. I also cleaned the crap out of all the windows in preparation for tinting them.. On that note does anybody have pictures of their clean stock truck with tinted windows? I am about to order a precut kit off ebay but don't know if I want 20% or 35%. I am not terribly worried about the police I have an air force sticker and a base pass on the truck, its like having a "give me a warning" pass. I just don't know which would be better.


I need to jump on the power steering bandwagon soon, and I need to get some new ac hoses made

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GOt my new stereo in today. Got a Pioneer p6000ub head unit that is freikin sweet, and some nice speakers for the doors. This thing is def heading towards the street look. I hope to get some ford ranger coils soon, though I am not sure how much drop they would give me. I also realized that now that I have a pickup my remote mount turbo idea can come back alive eventually.

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well today I snatched a nice looking set af gauges from the JY. They even have the right color trim backing. reset my odometer to zero, I'm exempt on my title, so that way it will be much easier to keep track of stuff. The swap was a breeze, now I just need to get the two sending units so that oil and coolant temp will read correctly. Scored a dash clock while I was at it, but I forgot to grab the cigarette lighter socket part. I was looking for a 97+ conversion for the front but could not find one, nor could I find a set of window sashes that were worth grabbing. I need to get some more pictures up soon

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New update: got my 20% tint on the front, looks good, not professional, but good. We will have to see how it cures over the next couple of days, but I think it is going to be pretty solid.




I also got my new interior lights installed, which are great, as well as getting my new gauge cluster in. The gauge cluster was a really really easy swap, and I scored a dash clock while I was at it, however I forgot to grab the cigarette lighter...



I also got my new pioneer radio in. Does any music format, as well as controlling my wifes ipod, having a usb and an aux in. It also direct plas satellite radio(I will probably get sirius.




It is coming along pretty well.

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