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Comanche Tube Bumpers

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I am switching my factory bumpers to tube bumpers. I think it gives it a rugged look anf they sre not that expensive in the quadratec mag. Of course the front bumper is not going to be a prob, however, I noticed that they don't offer tubes for the rear. Can I get the one for the Cherokee and make it work with the comanche stoak brackets? The guy @ rustys offroad said it would be around $300 to make one. I do not see paying more if there is an easy way to make the cherokee on fit. I asked this question before but I had to have work done on my computer and lost the info. Thanks

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Advance Auto (Parts America) offer FEY (Westin) after market, off the shelf tube bumpers-



Part No.



Bumper Mount Kit; Use To Install Quad Tube Bumper

Warranty: Limited 1 Year* $28.99



Part No.



Quad Tube; Specialty Style Bumper; 3 in. Tube; Black

Warranty: Limited 1 Year* $176.99


Link Here


But as Blhtaz stated.......Fab'ing one up might be a better option.

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Using a hand held cutoff and a drill fabricate a set of rear brackets like these out of 1/4" flat stock that utilize the original mounting holes on the frame. You can then attach any type of bumper you want to the end of it .

Image Not Found[/img]

This what I mounted on mine in lieu of tubing all for about $55.


Image Not Found[/img]

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