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Read an article in the paper a while back about a road crew from PA that paved over a deer carcass. I guess if I was driving the paver, and nobody else was going to move it......venison pancake!


I once had to put a 4.0 in a ZJ that had been driven over a deer carcass. The guy drove over deer, broke the bottom off the radiator (lower hose) and kept going until it seized. It sat in the lot, in July, for almost a week between ins adjuster and parts coming in. Told the adjuster they were going to be paying extra for that one. Also asked what the scoop was. Guy was obviously an idiot for continuing to drive. The official story was that he didn't realize the damage. Adjuster (who I knew) alluded that the dude was looking for hookers and had no other reason to be downtown Rochester and had to get to a different area. Guy paid cash to have it towed after it locked up and dropped somewhere else before calling it in.

That was a very disgusting job.It would have been a good one for that Mike guy from dirty jobs.

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