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flat towing a flat fender with an 89 MJ?


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So I have always wanted a MJ, and lets say hypothetically that I found one in my home town which is 7 hours drive from where I live now. I could buy the MJ, and drive it home (its in really good shape for an 89), but here is the catch I also have a '49 cj-3a (think MASH jeep) in my parents garage and I need to get it home too (my parents want it out of there garage). Can I flat tow the flattie for 7 hrs with a 19 year old MJ???


the MJ is rated to tow 5000lbs and a cj-3a weighs 2500lbs?? maybe...


P.s. the MJ is a 4.0L auto..... am I crazy... yes..., but can I do this without killing the MJ

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I would say yes, if the MJ is in good shape...


I was told that in order to flat tow my 80 CJ5 (w/Dana 300) I should remove the rear driveline of the CJ5. This was because of the DANA 300 design and that flat towing (even in neutral) could waste the t-case.


In any case t-case should be in neutral, but you probably know that...


Now I'll let others that know more than I give you the solid word.




Jealous of that Flatfender bro... But welcome to MJ land. I've had mine about a month and I freaking love it... Just as soon as I get my CJ rust-proofed (good luck huh?) and registered I will start making my MJ the baby.


Jeep and truck? Some sort of little dream that's been under my nose all this time. Sorry it took so long to find it. :oops:

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the MJ is at 120,000 miles roughly and I have not bought it yet. its in really really good shape and that is kind of the problem the guy wants too much for it, but it is really clean... it may be worth it... I also don't need another jeep this would be number 3. At the same time I really want a MJ... Damn decisions! thanks for the advice though.

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thats what i was about to preach haha,


i'd be alot more concerned with getting both rigs rolling and not being able to stop it than i would popping a coolant hose or something


the AW4 will have no problem with towing it, 4.0L with 120 should be more than happy to do it... but is your arse?!

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