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From buckets to a bench

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I have searched this site for any info on going the opposite way from original buckets to a bench on my 86. I need 3 seats for me and the boys. and thanks again for your responces in the past. Does anyone have any research that way. Like a bench seat from a S-10 or Ranger fits width wise but brackets must be modified?? Thanks in advance.

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Yes, stick with the stock MJ bench seat, it's a direct bolt in, no mods to swap out the buckets for the bench, the only thing you might need to do, is switch out the center seat belts, both the female connectors in the center because of the 'plastic' support, and add the center seat belt.


I'm sure if you wait until someone from here, in your area see this, they will be glad to swap your buckets for a bench seat.


If you were closer........I have a couple of gray bench seats here, and the seat belts. Even a blue and a red seat if you wanted. And I would swap them to you with out a problem.


I know I've seen this before -

http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopi ... bench+seat

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MJ bench is the best senario and the best idea and if it means taking a road trip to Virginia or Buffalo(THANKS TJ and Wildman for the offer) so be it, but I'll try to find one a little closer to home first. Home is New Jersey so if any of you Comanche freaks out there want to unload, give, sell, trade or barter a bench seat for my new 86 project please Email me.


I'll gladly give up the buckets after the bench install but the're in pretty humble shape.


I'm trying to do the picture thing soon


Thanks again :USAflag: GOD BLESS AMERICA

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Like I said, this is a long weekend, and alot of member are out and about, so just wait a couple days, and I know of a couple member right around the corner from you what might make a deal with you......just wait until there back on there before you take a road trip ;)


Oh, and posting pictures here - I just explained this to some one else -


....to post pictures here, get a FREE- Comanche Club Image Hosting account.


Upload your pictures there, then at the bottom of the list, under the picture.....like this -



Email & I'm

Direct Link


IMG Code


Just left click on the IMG Code, Yellow section, you'll see a "copied" light up, and go back to the message here and right click, "paste" and your picture will show up with out a problem


Like this -


I took out some info so you would see what it looks like, then hit Preview, below, and you picture will show up on the screen


The picture must have [img} in the front and rear of the line.

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