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Found 4 results

  1. I have modded 2dr bucket seats in my 4dr XJ, and the covers are beat and gross. I'm not looking to fit different OEM covers to them, rather just a universal cover. Has anyone purchased any off Amazon or the like? How well did they fit, would you buy them again, etc? Just want a grey or black. Really looking for people to not have the first reaction of 'Eww' when they see the interior. :rotf:
  2. Hey Everyone, I have a very quick question to ask regarding the Jeep wheels. When I acquired the Comanche, I thought the previous owner had the chrome rim cover on all wheels. Turns out I am missing one. I cannot find out what are those called, or where to find them Here is a picture of the wheel. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kn249sl08ctvn4l/jeep_wheel_cover.jpg?dl=0 This is on a 15 inch rim. Could anyone just provide me with a name for it or where I could find these chrome covers? if I search jeep wheel cover, I get a full size wheel cover. These are just a chrome ring. Th
  3. So everbody loves pictures so here are some for Crusier 54's Valve Cover mod.
  4. I'm looking to buy a valve cover for my 1991 jeep Comanche and I'm finding loads of them that say they'll fit on a 1993 4.0 . . I want to know if these will also fit the 1991, and if not, what is the difference? I'm in the middle of a restoration and buying everything new never used so in the event that the 93' cover won't fit where can I find a nice (metal) cover for a decent price?
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