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  1. Yes it is. That's also a JK Wrangler roof.
  2. revmaynard

    Jeep Collection

    I've got about a dozen my fiance took that aren't amazing, but I'll upload them later on. It was so sunny it was hard to see my phone as it is so I said forget it on taking pictures and figured someone would post better ones elsewhere. haha There were soooo many nice Scramblers though, probably the highlight to me!
  3. revmaynard

    Jeep Collection

    Just something to mention, there is MJ love at a mostly CJ/Wrangler event! My truck was voted best Comanche/Cherokee for an award today!
  4. revmaynard

    Jeep Collection

    We're actually having an open house for the collection July 16th. http://www.ruggedridge.com/event
  5. Like the MJ, good choice on rims. Please explain the sticker. My buddies have a web blog/media thing where hey just mess around and make silly videos of basic cars called 'Average Squad', so this was one of their stickers so I decided to help them out. I just thought it was random enough to put on the truck. haha That's one of the videos. (it's meant to be silly/all in good fun) You know it! haha
  6. I remember a few years ago when I noticed that. haha How about the minty Cherokee at the beginning of season 8 that Skinner and Scully roll around in out in the desert?
  7. I rolled over 100K in my first vehicle while driving my MJ. It was a bittersweet moment!
  8. revmaynard

    37k mile MJ

    maybe those start at 40k miles :D Hahaha, at this rate I doubt we'd find out. I've never seen an MJ body so straight. I'm not, pays well and I get to work with Jeeps/Jeepers. :brows: Gorgeous. The 91 is a 50th Jeep anniversary truck. Guess your boss is collecting one of each? He tries to collect nice representations of each model or rare/low mileage ones. He's got about 35 in his collection now, with 3 of the preWWII prototypes. It really is, I don't know if burgundy interior grew on me, or I just love how clean it is. :rotf:
  9. revmaynard

    37k mile MJ

    Yea it's a beauty. It took forever to find a late model example this clean. He just bought the 60th anniversary xj behind it this week. Glad one is being preserved somewhere!
  10. revmaynard

    37k mile MJ

    My companies owner picked this up recently to add to his collection. It's a late '91 production year with just shy of 38K miles on it, all original. I was talking to lowrange2 about it on Facebook and told him I'd post some pictures up. Enjoy!
  11. I had that relay laying around and threw it in for the Sentinel light upgrade. Pretty neat to be so easy! Thanks man!
  12. Looking forward to see some more on this truck, I really like that color!
  13. Wearing a hole in the bottom of a transmission on a lowered car. Transmission locked up down shifting from 3rd to 2nd right outside of work. $1100 in parts later, it now has carbon lined syncros and a factory LSD.
  14. I'm wondering if the layout of wires changed on these. I recently bought the Dorman socket as well and when wired the way the post suggests I get a parking light but no blinker. Before my parking light and blinker worked, but the dash light would stay on if the lights were on. The dash light no longer illuminates when the lights are on, but I don't get a blink out of either side now. EDIT: After comparing my new socket to the photo above my blue and brown were swapped oddly enough.
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