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  1. gearboxes


    Lots of pictures on that link below. The Manche did great !!! I will post up our next ride, it will be next month towards the end of the month.
  2. gearboxes


    No takers to join us??? It looks like we have about a dozen jeeps...Saturday the 28th..check out the link in the post below..
  3. gearboxes


    We are riding this Saturday in Richloam.. Check out this link..post up if you want to meet us there.. I'm bringing my Comanche and would love to see some more http://www.jackedupjeepclub.com/showthr ... hloam-ride
  4. gearboxes


    Well I met one comanche owner at Jeep Beach.. I havd both my jeeps there and had a blast.. We meet every other wed in Winter HAven if any one wants to come and join us.. A trip is in the works for the end of June.. I will keep you posted
  5. Old post...but Jeep beach is this weekend.. I will be arriving Friday.. Hope to see a couple more MJ's
  6. Yes the extra brackets on the MJ are a PIA, but you are right about how this kit is designed. I love the ride that it produced.
  7. There are some people on here that do not lke the rusty's long arm kit, but that design is very good. I bought my first one from rustys and then made my second one..making it just like the rustys. The ride from this design and the flex you get is awesome. You won't have any side to side movement as long as all your bushings are good. Just beware that most of the lifts are made for an XJ. There are a few more brackets on the MJ that will have to be cut off. Good luck.. :wrench:
  8. Ok... I just finished installing the Rustys long are kit... One thing they don't tell you is all the extra bracing that is on the Comanches will have to be cut out. It is a big job.... I will say that the Comanche rides GREAT and looks very cool. The flex is out of this world and the vibrations that I had with the RR lift is gone. I think Rustys has finally got it together.. Just wish I would have had a heads up on all the extra trimming...I know this is an old post, but thought I would update with my experience with Rustys kit....Pics will follow..
  9. hey all..love to see a good showing of MJ's here.. Post up if you have questions....
  10. drove to Orlando today.... picked up four 295 75r 22.5 truck tires. Stopped by Jeepers Den and picked up the new ring and pinion for my TJ... stopped by steel company and picked up the steel for my MJ bumpers... Holy crap... that means I have a lot work ahead of me/// :doh:
  11. I hope you are not in a hurry for your rocky road lift... I called today with the intention of ordering, and they told me three weeks before it would even be shipped. They have three CAD systems that are at the powder coater.. That does me know good. I just bought another MJ to give to my daughter and just went ahead of ordered the Rust's SOA lift. you can get all the upgrades for about the same price as RR. Oh... the guys at Rusty's all over the customer service. I have been very happy with stuff I have bought in the past. Oh BTW the shocks are not in stock today either :wall:
  12. I put 6 inch pioneer speakers in my door. I did have to trim the panels due to the shape of the back of the speakers. Not a bad job.... I took a piece of cardbaord and traced the speaker then cut it an inch in on the marks and traced that to the door....cut and install
  13. Hey All... This is a fun event that the jacked up jeep club throws, and it is a good cause. The little girl that this poker runs benifits is truely an angel. Check out the link and plan to attend, you won't be disapointed. Great prizes from big vendors and a great group of jeepers! http://www.jackedupjeepclub.com/showthr ... -Poker-Run
  14. gearboxes


    Yep.. been out there a few times in my tj.. check out the jacked up jeep club site for pics
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