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  1. so do you think 31s with 3.73 gearing might still not be good enough? Also I’ve never seen an xj/mj front grille and lights like that, it’s really cool actually
  2. To 75s’ question, it’s a manual. And I do drive up a lot of hills especially in the winter but I really don’t want to re gear so maybe I would even go down to 30s, but I have a big brake kit so if 15in wheels don’t fit I wouldn’t want to run 30s on 16in wheels
  3. Yeah it’s on 17” wheels right now which I don’t really like, so If I do go to 31s I’m definitely going to downsize to 15 or 16in wheels
  4. I’m actually not sure who makes it, I bought the truck like this but it’s kind of a mall crawler which is why I want to either re gear or go to smaller tires so I can actually off-road and use my 4L
  5. What size tires is it on in the pictures with the bf Goodrich’s with white lettering?
  6. My gear ratio right now is 3.73 and 33in tires, so it’s no good for rock crawling or going uphill or 4L
  7. Right now I have 33in tires plus a decent size lift (not sure how much lift exactly) but my gearing isn’t right so I want to go down to 31 or 32in tires, how do you think it would look if I left the lift kit how it is but went with smaller tires? Would my truck look weird with smaller tires or would it be fine? 32s might look a little better but don’t help as much with the gearing issue as 31s would
  8. I’m looking to swap my bucket seats out for a bench seat. I have a 89 Comanche and the bucket seats were reupholstered pretty recently so they’re in great shape, I’d be willing to try to work out a trade if you have a decent bench seat in your Comanche? If you’re still looking for bench seats that is*
  9. elliot


    What are the dimensions of your camper shell?
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