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  1. My daughter has been saving her money to get out of Dad's old TDI Passat and into a Jeep. A move that I fully support; so I can harvest that motor for the MJ. Last week she secured a screaming deal on an 04 WJ Limited. Extra's include RCV shafts front, 35 spline rear, Air lockers front and rear, Clayton Long Arms, Iron Rock Rear 4 link, Red Head steering, 4.56 gears, and the list goes on. It's a fantastic rig, and my Comanche will someday be as capable. The one wart is the front bumper, for which we are already discussing a new design.
  2. That's pretty cool. Thanks for the write up. Were you having issues with the stock ignition? Does it make a big difference?
  3. 1988 Jeep Comanche Chief 4.0L, BA10/5, NP231, D30, D35 Shorty - 113in Build Date: Yep. Unreadable on decal Current Locale: Wichita, KS Vinyl buckets, manual everything. I inherited this MJ from a high school Buddy. He and his wife had owned it since it was new. My daughter and I picked it up in Seattle after he passed last year. We did a one day tune up on it and then Roadkilled it back to Kansas. Currently replacing fuel sender and fixing vacuum leaks to get back on the road. Pretty strong Renix truck. It will be changing. NOTE: Truck has Rubicon Express lift (2 1/2 in I think) and sway bar disco's. longterm plans include axles, TDI swap, NP435 trans & 35's (or 37's...)
  4. While I had "done my homework", these guys never showed up on any of my searches. But glad to see the link. No sales pitch, I was happy to find something, and while "doing my howmework" I ran across many posts of other guys who couldn't find senders and/or were stuck finding out they were out of production. So I thought I would share the info I found. I also specifically pointed out that I have no affiliation with the seller to be clear that I was not selling anything. But thanks for the courtesy Bud.
  5. Hi Gang. I managed to damage my fuel sender assembly this week while fighting with replacement pumps, and re-installation. No problem I thought, I'll just order a whole sender and keep the bosch pump as a spare. Only to find that the senders are no longer made, earning myself the dumbass of the week award. After searching around for a couple days and pondering how I could make an XJ sender work, I stumbled upon a listing on ebay from a shop in Texas. They buy dealer surplus pallets and boxes and resell individual pieces. They happened to get a box with some Comanche senders in it. I do not have any affiliation or compensatory agreement with these guys, or even know them. I am just excited that there are some fuel senders left. So in the event any of you need a sender, or a spare, they have a few more available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184648886994
  6. Howdy Gang. I am new to the site, and very happy to have found it. I have inherited an 88 Comanche Chief from a buddy who lost his battle with cancer in June. Over Labor Day, my daughter and I will fly to Seattle from Kansas, have a maintenance day and then do a roadkill trip to get it back to Kansas. Although it has moss all over it now from sitting, It should be pretty decent coming from up there. My buddy and his wife have had it since it was new. It currently sports a small lift (maybe Black Diamond or Rub Exp), I don't remember for sure. We talked for many years of the build he wanted to do on it but never got done. So I will now do that and more. The plan (in my head...so far) for the build will have some cues from the Zone and JCR projects with a little Mike Patey (Airplane builder, racer) touch thrown in. My business is in Agricultural Engineering and my Fab & Test shop includes the basics, plus the nicety of a plasma table. Just missing a hoist, but right now the table has a Hypertherm upgrade in the works, so a hoist will have to wait and my Harbor Freight Jackstands will stay in use. We are getting ready to start a repower/modernization project on a 48 Willy's truck right after Labor Day, so the moss wagon will be relegated to shop truck duty for now. We have started collecting parts. We scored a 14 bolt axle in good shape for $129 at a local yard. I have also found a rubicon T-case in town for a decent price. I would really like to do a BMW M57 diesel swap, but that will depend on much stiffening and some good fortune i finding the right wrecked car to get the necessary parts. Anyway, all of that is for a later discussion. Oh yeah, we suspect the tailgate is buried in his garage somewhere, and it will come with the original sportbar. Here are some pics of the so far...
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