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  1. Would you mind if I ask what a full OME kit for an MJ would be? I do have a full OME kit for an XJ and it is really nice. Thanks.
  2. Clean is right. Impressive and great reference pics for me as well. Nice
  3. I wanted to thank 88mjsally for the trailer wiring harness. Thank you and much appreciated!
  4. Muncher, May I ask if it was the white 1990 MJ for sale in RI? Looked pretty nice and rust free in the pictures if it was. Rust is tough here in RI and the NE. Stock or previously mentioned 3" lift look great to me.
  5. Here to register this parts truck. This old truck will not see the road again but many parts and panels still are or will be. 4x4 Bucket seats Automatic w/ Floor Shifter Short Bed Maroon interior BD Grenadine exterior Resting in RI from CT.
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