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  1. Yeah, with the XJ one I had about a 10 gallon tank. The one from MTS fit very well. I don't have an original MJ one to compare it to but it went in OK. I spoke with one of the MTS guys about selling just the rheostat for the 91 and up XJ so I could do the swap I did without buying the entire other unit....they wouldn't do that. Didn't want to discuss it with me really. Not sure why they aren't making what I made and selling 'em to us....it works perfectly.
  2. I didn't have an original. My truck had an XJ unit in it when I got it.
  3. I bought the 86 to 90 one from MTS with pump and one for a 91 XJ from MTS with no pump. I drilled out the rivets for the rheostat or Potentiometer (whichever that thing is) and swapped the XJ one over onto the 86 to 90 MJ sending unit. It works perfectly. A little expensive but I was tired of not knowing how much gas I had and MTS has been hinting at a unit for HO MJs for what? a year now?
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