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  1. That's what I'm working on now grounds and suspension are my main focus at the moment. The PO was trying to make it into a rock crawler, and I'm trying to undo all that.
  2. Thanks I'm just getting started getting this thing back to a dependable daily driver, I've just about got the suspension ironed out and a new tank/pump/sending unit in place and working like it should. Just getting started on all the electrical gremlins that seem to have been made worse by the previous owners.
  3. If you're installing a Carter P90034 pump there is a specific order to assemble it properly, 1 place the rubber isolator in the bottom of the stand. 2 put the screen on the part of the isolator that sicks out of the bottom of the stand. 3 push the inlet of the pump into the isolator making sure it's all the way down inside the lip. This expands the rubber collar inside the neck of the screen holding it in place. It's almost a 3 handed job but can be done. 4 place top rubber insulator and bracket on top of the pump, make sure the outlet nipple is as far away from the tube leading out to the supply line as possible so the short rubber hose doesn't kink. 5 start test fitting the hose trimming a little bit at a time until you can get it on without any kinks and then tighten the clamps on the hose first then tighten the bracket securing the pump to the stand.
  4. That is what several people told me both here and in my local parts store, that's why I chose to build my own. The actual sending units are the same, it's the bends in the arm and the shape of the float on the end of the arm will hit the baffle in the Comanche tank. Murdamanche will be able to use all the fuel in the tank but the float is going to hit the baffle and stop it from reading below about 1/4 tank on the gauge. As long as he is aware that his gauge will not show empty and refuels when it his a 1/4 tank he'll be ok.
  5. Please keep us posted about how it goes. If that works it will make life a lot easier for A bunch of us.
  6. I started with the eBay sending unit.I bent the small metal tab between plastic lock tabs up 90°. Then squeezed the plastic plastic lock tabs with needle nose pliers and wiggled the plastic housing a little bit and it slid off the float arm. Then I GENTLY bent the round end of the arm that holds the float to get the float off of the arm. Then I slid the arm out of the eBay stand working towards the end of the arm holding the float. Then I basically reversed the whole process in order with the exception of removing the float. I completely reassembled the sending unit making sure the float arm is between the high and low stops. Then I put the float back in the round end of the arm and GENTLY squeezed the loop to secure the float. In hindsight removing the float first will be a lot easier than trying to hold the sending unit and unattached arm and trying to gently bend the arm without distorting it. Also on reassembly make absolutely sure you have the float arm between the stops before you bend the little metal tab back down to secure the plastic lock tabs or you will be doing it twice. The last statement is the voice of experience.
  7. Figured it out all by my self I am amazed
  8. I'm trying to include my current project info at the bottom of all my posts. I see it on most other post but I can't seem to get it done.
  9. Will do... folks are starting to show up here it'll be later tonight or tomorrow afternoon depending on how long everyone stays.
  10. I'm working on a '86 too,(2.5) I used a "Carter P90034" pump absolutely everything included in the box including the little rubber insulator and bracket to secure it to the original stand. For the sending unit I used one of these....https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OUT-OF-BOX-SF8953002492-Fuel-Tank-Sending-Unit-86-87-Comanche-23-5-Gallon/183280706816?fits=Year%3A1986|Model%3AComanche|Submodel%3ACustom|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A2.5L|Make%3AJeep|Trim%3ACustom+Standard+Cab+Pickup+2-Door|Engine%3A2.5L+150Cu.+In.+l4+GAS+OHV+Naturally+Aspirated&hash=item2aac61a500:g:GW0AAOSwDZ1bKE29:rk:11:pf:0 I took the sending unit off the new stand and put it on the original stand it's an exact match as far as mounting tabs are positioned. I used a little basic creative engineering to get it switched. I'll post a couple of pictures of how I did it if anyone is interested after the holiday, it's about to get busy around here.
  11. Basically yes but ebay say it fits MJ... Sorry for the double post https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OUT-OF-BOX-SF8953002492-Fuel-Tank-Sending-Unit-86-87-Comanche-23-5-Gallon/183280706816?fits=Year%3A1986|Model%3AComanche|Submodel%3ACustom|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A2.5L|Make%3AJeep|Trim%3ACustom+Standard+Cab+Pickup+2-Door|Engine%3A2.5L+150Cu.+In.+l4+GAS+OHV+Naturally+Aspirated&hash=item2aac61a500:g:GW0AAOSwDZ1bKE29:rk:11:pf:0
  12. I bought one of these and after checking the OHM's (4.3 ohms down and 96.1 ohms up) I took the sending unit off the new "pump stand" and installed it on the old one. I put about 8 gal. of gas in a brand new bone dry tank and gauge shows right at 1/4 tank. We haven't filled it yet as it's still a work in progress but it is starting and running under it's own power. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OUT-OF-BOX-SF8953002492-Fuel-Tank-Sending-Unit-86-87-Comanche-23-5-Gallon/183280706816?fits=Year%3A1986|Model%3AComanche|Submodel%3ACustom|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A2.5L|Make%3AJeep|Trim%3ACustom+Standard+Cab+Pickup+2-Door|Engine%3A2.5L+150Cu.+In.+l4+GAS+OHV+Naturally+Aspirated&hash=item2aac61a500:g:GW0AAOSwDZ1bKE29:rk:11:pf:0
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